My First Solo On-call

By Athirah | Coral Tulip - Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Hello, have any of you got bored of my writing!? Haha. Sorryyyy I've just completed 1 month of new phase of life. The darkness seems a little less now. HO 1 month review coming soon..

I think this works for first poster (those in first posting of HO) ; where they won't place you alone at high risk place during on-call (night shift where less people are working). Places like Emergency Department, Wards, Peri.. Peri refers to "Peripheral", where the patient is in ward for some other reason than our concern. For example, a pregnant lady with broken fingers. My department treats the broken finger, but at the same time she has issue about her pregnancy.

I have been in on-call with senior all this while, and the day has come yesterday - for me to go solo lo lo lo lo lo lo.

And the place is Peri/Emergency Operation Theatre.

I will get ready for emergency cases need operation, and at the same time get ready for any referral cases for peri. In the morning, I will post the emergency cases for the day.

That is how it works in my place. It differes even in the same hospital, different department. Doesn't matter.

So I got the information about pending EMOT cases of the day, alhamdulillah only two. And 2 cases to see at peri, otherwise patients are okay. It's night anyway, we don't wanna disturb. Haha

APPARENTLY, I got the information about patient from ward has gone to OT at very last minute, I texted the surgeon ASAP - guess what he replied!?

"Patient on table already. OT has called me."


I ran like my cat in the morning when they're hungry and see me with cat foods. Phew, alhamdulillah got there earlier than the surgeon, and prepped the patient beforehand. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. He called the next patient immediately after that, so no issue.

EMOT went smooth. Peri is okay.

The next biggest hurdle is to post case in the morning.

Posting a case means to inform the Anaesthesiologist about the patient going for op, so they will decide whether patient is fit or not / require some correction orior to operation.


Why we have to know everything, and tell everything?

Because we're new, we don't know which is important / less important. We might miss something important which we thought unimportant, get what I mean? A senior taught this before. It looks cool to present like seniors, highlighting the important issues - because they know and have made sure everything is okay. Unlike us. So just present everything, it's okay to get scolded for telling unimportant things.

But of course, learn lah oi. Less important thing that you need to check yourself, no need to say later on. Once you're already capable of! Hehe

The patient I need to post this morning was difficult! Because I don't understand their disease progress. Two of them are okay, under Orthopaedics for clear reason, no issue.

Another 2 ; had blood transfused. Her blood is still abnormal. So I need to dig in what's causing her, so I can give information to the Anaesthesiologist whether she is fit for op or not..

The other 1 patient is bed ridden, with underlying so many diseases. His heart electrical reading doesn't look good. The department is different than I am in now. I learnt about it 1 year ago in medical school, so.. It was tough.

Alhamdulillah, in a hard time like this - there was a senior kind enough to help me with technical part. I do the presentation, study the patient part. She helped me with the ordering system on the computer. I just needed some presence actually. To calm me down. Haha

Can we all be like one of those people who actually lend help? If we can afford it.

Because this one person I don't favour personally, kept asking me,

"Aren't you done posting cases? Why haven't you gone back?"

No no must write in Malay,

"Kau bukan ke dah siap post case? Asal kau tak balik lagi?" with a smirk. Are you expecting me to say,

"Oh no, I haven't done with my job. I have been doing this too slow, spending almost 2 hours already." so you can feel good about yourself? Haha. She knows and was with me since morning - doesn't bother to offer a single help at all.

On my defense, I wasn't slow. Okay. This is my writing space, I deserve to feel how I feel.

One of the patient had blood transfused, completed at 7 am. So I had to wait until 9.30 am for the blood investigation after completing blood transfusion to come out. Only then, I can post and update to the anaesthesiologist.

Not to mention, the two cases was indeed complicated. At the end, the Anaesthesiologist asked to repeat some investigations, treat some urgent correction of her blood, and inform her back. Another one patient, she herself will assess at ward whether he is fit or not.

I am okay with being scolded if she's telling me what I should know. I learnt a lot only during this communication with Anaesthesiologist, now I know what's important etc. It's okay to feel stupid, don't be too hard on yourself. Embrace that you're stupid temporary, because you have not known yet.

Just keep learning everyday, and don't step on others to get on top.

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