Errors and Trauma

By Athirah | Coral Tulip - Friday, November 19, 2021

30th October 2021, Saturday. It was the first day of my shift. I'm the kind who gets thrilled over working on holiday because it's less busy.. And alhamdulillah I was in the "transition ward" as I call it. Where all patients are placed there temporarily until their COVID status is cleared.

Everything went well, the bosses were nice.. Presented smoothly. Prepared for tomorrow beforehand.. Until it's 4 pm. A new patient was pushed in. My partner's shift will end at 5 pm, so it's an unspoken rule for me to handle him first hand - as in taking swab, bloods, whatever needed.

I've done "donning in" (to wear PPE), clerked the patient. Took blood from the patient - about 20cc, because we needed for blood cultures (2 bottles of 7-10cc), and other few bloods to send for investigations.

To keep the story short : Needlestick injury happened between me and a HIV patient who has just started treatment 2 months back. Maybe one day once everything is settled (there are months of follow up), I'll talk about it. I couldn't really find others' experiences on blog.. After all, it's not something pleasant to talk about. But alhamdulillah, now that I posted this - I'm fine.

This is not an uncommon accidental injury among healthcare workers. To reassure my beloved friends, it's less likely to get infected with HIV through injuries like this. Hepatitis B is more commonly contracted that way. Hence as a result, I'll be on medication for 28 days, twice a day.. The hardest part for someone who has difficulty to swallow even a Panadol / antibiotics. :(

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