By Athirah | Coral Tulip - Saturday, May 16, 2020

I had the shock of my life when a man yelled at me recently.

As you can probably tell from my writings, I consider myself a law abiding citizen. Be it civil law, medical, (working hard on) syariah too. Haha I'm proud of it.

I obey to all rules regulated by the government during COVID-19 pandemic. At least, for this post.

What did I do to get yelled at!?
Last Tuesday I went to pharmacy with my father so he does not have to go. He just pay. Haha. Anyway, durin this time Malaysia has allowed two people to drive in a car. We agreed to restrict as much as we can for our parents to go outside. My mother has not gone out other than her work and she's happy about it.

As I entered the pharmacy, I roughly had the list of what to purchase in my mind. As I strolled around peacefully looking for the stuffs, I encountered this man.

"You stay away from me! Let me leave so you can come to this shelf! Stay 1m away!"

What on Earth even..? Okay, I understand some of us react in such a way, it's fine.

What bothered me was he kept screaming like that the whole time in the pharmacy! Mind you, the pharmacy limits how many people can enter and there is lines everywhere to guide us how we should distance ourselves. The staffs are cooperative to monitor people don't stay close too.

We were in a safe distance.

What's the unnecessary panic for? We are all in distress, anxious, I know, but we don't need to add into that unnecessarily right?

Going to my main point, if you are worried for some reason, be it either ;
1. Aged more than 60 years old
2. Has underlying disease
3. Immunocompromised (cancer, etc)

You can ask help to minimise your contact with people, my dear. This apply to our parents too no matter how healthy they or we are. Here's a suggestions of what we can do :
1. Buy it online, or
2. Ask from your family, or
3. Give the list to the store staffs and let them get for you, all you need to do is pay at the counter. Wait outside the store. Just how it works in supermarket for senior citizen.

I'm sure they are more than willing to help rather than hearing the scream every 1 minute. Haha

And to children.. Allahu. It's just my opinion, but I really think you need to sit back and think if your parents still go out and by groceries if you have a driving license. I even heard some children get their parents to send them to work. During this pandemic, really? 

You can't stand lining up at the cashier, really?
You don't know how to choose vegetables, really?
It's easier for parents to go so they can get the senior's fast lane, really?

If you are sure these reasons are worth enough putting your high risk parents in public, okay..

But my parents are healthy! 

Here's something to ponder, a true story but I need to keep it confidential :

A bed ridden senior citizen at care center was infected. He has never even go out, obviously. None of the caregiver are positive too. Everyone is negative. It's just, on further tracing, one of the caregiver did go to one of the red zone. The caregiver is negative.

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19 Comment

  1. What a shock! The caregiver was negative and he/she can give the others infection? Kind a scary.

    1. I was shocked too.. Alhamdulillah most of the elderly has been screened by our government program. :)

  2. What an annoying incident. But yeah, different people handle this pandemic differently.
    Nice sharing on what we can do instead, especially coming from a doctor.
    May we survive this trying time. I wish you and your family in best of health :)

    1. Annoyingly funny! Haha. We see him as panic, what's more him, kan? Thank you for the doa.
      May Allah take care of you and your family too. :)

  3. oh my... dia terkejut ke apa tiba2 menjerit tu? ke memang suka jerit? hehe

    stay safe doctor athirah.. saya suka tulip juga. the white one =)

    1. Entah lah.. Kesian juga kat dia, panic macam tu pun perlu keluar. Mesti terdesak sangat agaknya. Yeay, gang suka tulip! :)

  4. some people really panic to the next level....but the last part caught my it a carrier is just a carrier...with negative result? they dont even have positif test result?...i heard about they dont show the syptoms...

    1. Even a carrier supposed to show positive test result. If someone is negative, could be error - most of the time they are required to do a second test. Nonetheless, the best way is by keeping social distancing. :)

  5. Hahaha. STAY SAFE OKAYYY ATHIRAHHHH! *screaming*

    SELAMAT HARI RAYAAAA! *screaming again*

      Sounds more peace. Haha

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  7. So terrible & paranoidlah that person.
    Rasanya selain ajar people untuk aware of their surroundings, kena ajar juga manners.

    1. Mungkin juga dia sendiri panic sangat kan.. Tapi janganlah tambah panic dia kat orang lain! Haha

  8. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! Best entry ini :) done follow, follow me back.. thanks

  9. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! Best entry ini :) done follow, follow me back.. thanks