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By Athirah | Coral Tulip - Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Few months back I was trapped in a contract that I have signed up before I knew the real deal behind it. You sign a contract with few others, only to know he will break the contract - spoken. I felt uneasy since then, but I was guaranteed by written words - he will do necessity to make it up of the loss.

What can I do to make sure they will keep their promises? I prepared a contract myself, but my family stopped me from doing it. For the reason of I'm being too much. Haha damnit. I'm used to it. I was raised to get involved in official matters since small, and personally participated in official matters too since student days.

If you asked me what's the benefit of partiicpating in all these clubs, community service, tournaments, that would be integrity. I learnt how to prepare a proposal from scratch, I met companies to request for sponsorship, bla bla bla and it's important to keep our promise - because it's all about people.

We can't just survive by blinding our eyes to only what benefits us. Saying what we want, take what we want when we need, and leave it just there when we don't need it. Expecting someone else to bear the loss caused.

It will get to you someday.

You may not be treated as you did, but it will come. It will definitely come to you as a result of your behavior.

I hate spoken words. I don't like to trust a spoken words. I've seen multiple times, being mistreated few times too because of spoken words. At times because what I said was being misunderstood, other times I did not understand what they really meant. I was fooled few times, some "owner" keep haunting me over spoken deals just because they misunderstood it. We are scared of formal deals, written proposals. They want it quick, not written, and get people to promise it. Which isn't my way..


That's why I hate spoken words. Spoken promises. We tend to interperate words into meanings that we want to hear. Into what pleasures us.

Most of the great leaders emphasizes about the importance of a contract. To clearly lay out how is the contract like.

"I sell this to you," to "yes I am buying this,". "I'm marrying you to my daughter, Aminah to you, Ali," instead of "I'm marrying my daughter to you. Which daughter? The pretty one? The foul mothed one? To who, me, my brother beside me? Keep it clear!

One of the reason why I went on with the contract I didn't fully agreed - was because it is a contract signed by the people involved and stamped by the government officers. It is a contract. Whoever breached the contract - legal actions can be taken. So, okay. I guess the promises will be kept. Who isn't scared of contract? Who doesn't take contract seriously?

But no. I was wrong.

The moment you had to use your personal excuse, you are most likely in the wrong side. Remember this. And it's okay to be wrong side. We all have personal excuses we just can't help it, because we're all human. I understand that.

What's not okay is the moment you refused to be responsible. You blame others. You denied your promises.

Just because of your personal excuses has changed your situation.

If you are having a personal issue, let it end just to you. Be responsible. Don't harm others' life because of our personal matters. Be nice and stop only thinking about yourself and yourself.

How can you assume others to fit into your idealistic way? No one knows how you're thinking.

Keep it clear. If there's no black and white, clearly a contract or akad like those getting married, and being agreed - then it's nothing. We will stick to the latest contract we had. Don't assume. Stop taking things personally and get emotions involved. It's normal for people not to care, we've got our lives to take care of. That's why we need a contract to come back to when things go out of control.

And after throwing fits about his personal excuses, denying his words because the situation ahs changed yada yada - he will just leave it to others to clean up. Usually.

We can get back the money lost and repay. But we can never get back the time we've caused nuisance to someone. If we're late to pay by 5 days, have you ever thought we're causing financial burden towards a stranger for 5 days?

My momma did not teach me to speak harshly to someone just because of RM450. My momma did not teach me to think it's normal to let someone pay that much for things they do not use.

On the other notes, I'm grateful to know someone who pays portion of his rent because they looked for the house together, made a year contract, but ends up unable to stay there for personal reason. Most people are like that, there are more people who's aware of contract and respect that.

Moral of the story : I don't care, I will make contracts!! This is the last time I'd ever trust a person lol.

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